Lesson structure

The lessons are either private or in a group oof max 3 people. They take either half an hour or 45 minutes every week. There are lessons from monday to thursday between 13:00 and 22:30.

Lessons that are half an hour can be sufficient. However, lessons of 45 minutes allow you to go deepr into the subject matter. For children it is recommended to have lessons of half an hour.

When going for group lessons it is of course better when learning to play guitar with people who have similar tastes, ideas and talent.

During the lesson you will first go through what you've practiced the previous week. After that we will determine what you'll do the coming week and how. It is important that you practice regularly between lessons. Ideally you'll practice half an hour each day. That is more beneficial than practicing 3 and half hours for one day. For children 15 to 20 minutes per day is enough.

You will use music from your own collection during the lessons. You will play the tracks which you like to lisen to. In this approach you'll have fun while practicing the music you already know well. You'll be able to practice more often, better and more targeted. You'll see results faster in this way too.

The music will be written down using chord symbols or tablature. You will also learn to use your own ears, which is very important.

I will record the guitar section which you will have to practice. This includes instructions, if needed.

You'll see that this is a fun, quick and efficient way of learning.